My Big Dirt Bag offers premium organic top soil, triple mix and peat blend. These items are seasonal and are available for pucharse online from April 15 until November 01. Please contact store for availabilty outside of these dates.

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Raw Soil, Premium Blend, 1 Cubic Yard Bag

Sandy brown soil used for levelling and under sod. **NOT recommended for flower or vegeta...
From $139.00

Triple mix, Organic Nutrient Blend, 1 Cubic Yard B...

Our organic nutrient blend (triple mix) is our darkest soil, black in colour and contains ...
From $139.00

Peat Blend, Organic, 1 Cubic Yard Bag

Our organic peat loam or peat/humus loam contains peat moss which is great for lightening ...
From $159.00